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The Futures Book Club is a globe-spanning mass book club for futures, foresight, and speculative fiction.

We bring together people working and studying in futures and foresight, adjacent spaces, and futures-curious folk.

Keen readers like you join the club to:

  • Make greater progress on that pile of unread books... (though you run the risk of discovering great reads faster than you can keep up!)
  • Get great new book recommendations from futures folk with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests. We read a broad range of books from futures, foresight, speculative fiction, and adjacent spaces.
  • Nerd out with other readers, swapping highlights, insights, and translating learning into practice
  • Dip your toe into futures and foresight. There is an incredible range of books in this space that can guide your growing skillset and practice. Joining the Club is a great way to start your learning journey.
  • Share your favourite books with others who will appreciate them. Finally, a community of people who are as interested in your nuanced and niche reads as you are!

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